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Our Story

The history

During the Corona crisis, Kate, who owns several cats and works in animal welfare, noticed that there are more animal shelters and cat protection associations that are dependent on financial help. 

She herself had lost her cat Bailey in February 2020. At the proud age of 17 he unfortunately had to cross the rainbow bridge due to heart problems. This gave Kate additional motivation to create something special for cats.

She had thought for a long time about how she could help needy cats so that they don't face the same fate as Bailey. Finally, she came up with the idea of ​​founding an online shop to support various animal shelters and cat protection associations.

The problem

The idea was born to open an online shop, but how should Kate get the products and where should she store them? It had taken Kate a long time to find a solution.

After long and intensive discussions with various manufacturers, Kate was able to convince a few manufacturers of her vision. They sent her samples of products and offered to ship these products for them.

Kate thought it was great because it saved her storage costs. After Kate got the products, she tested them out with her fur noses. So she was able to guarantee the great quality of the products from now on.

The only small disadvantage was that the products were sent from the manufacturer to the customers, which resulted in a slightly longer shipping time.

Kate is sure, as long as the quality of the products is right and she can help cats in need, there will also be people who may wait a little longer for their product.

In the future, of course, she wants to improve shipping times so that she can offer the best service to people who really love pets.

The implementation

Of course, Kate needed help with the marketing and design of the online shop. She herself has high standards that she wants to satisfy cats and those who love cats.

So she quickly approached an entrepreneur who was friends and asked him for his help. Her friend, who owns 3 cats himself, was enthusiastic about her vision and offered his help to Kate without hesitation. "Brilliant!" Thought Kate.

So quickly one person became a team that loves pets and wants to bring them all closer. Because this is the only way we can help all pets in need.

Kate didn't want to help one organization financially, as she believed all cat charities deserved it. So she came to the decision to always support various cat protection associations financially.

At intervals of one to two months, different aid organizations are selected that are particularly needed at the moment. You are welcome to write to us on Facebook or Instagram who needs it in particular.

What the current situation is

The crazy idea turned into a small start-up. Kate and her entrepreneur friend personally take care of every order in order to satisfy every customer 100%. Because only if the customers are satisfied can more cats be saved.

If you too would like to contribute to giving pets a better life, then buy our products here and share our online shop on Facebook and Instagram!

All about donations 

At the moment we are unfortunately only donating 10% of the profit. The remaining 90% will be reinvested in the online shop to make it the largest pet shop in the world. So we have the opportunity to help more animals.